St Saviours

Leadership Team

Most members are engaged in ministry in the parish in some form. However, the main ministry team include:

The Vicar: Revd. Cornelius Henry

Assistant Priest: Revd. Sarian Pyne-Bailey

The Parish Wardens: Pauline Haywood and Noel Morris

Safe-guarding officers: Doreen Alexander and Jenny Somers

Members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC): David Martins (Vice-Chair and Deanery Rep); Doreen Alexander (Secretary); Grace Ani (deanery synod rep); David Beaumont (Deputy Warden); Comfort Dijeh; Joyce Lindsay; Christopher Ogbeifun; Jenny Somers (deanery synod rep); Ako Udeozo; Oluwatosin Agbaye; Milton Watson;Angela Bannister.


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